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This is a general call for vocal talent auditions and production volunteers.

  • We’ll be recording public domain poetry.
  • Our goal is to create a internet radio broadcast devoted to poetry. This will be available to tune in on 247.
  • This is a volunteer project and all poetic recordings that make the cut will be posted for free listening as a internet radio broadcast and at
  • We are a well established recording group. You can freely listen to our previous work at
  • Not everything we record will be posted. We are going for the best we can do.

When and Where.

  • We’ll be recording mostly during the day time, mornings to early afternoon.
  • At this point we have our hands full with recording classic works in the public domain. We will not be reading poems written by contemporary writers. This may change in the future.
  • Auditions will take place at the Sally Yates Library.
  • Recording will take place in the area of Northeast San Antonio.
  • Listed are the titles we’d like to record. If you have a public domain favorite poem not listed please let me know so I can consider it.
  • We’ll have about two weeks to record as much as we can. Editing and publishing will take up to a few months longer. We go for quality.

Phone: 210-850-5743 or 631-316-8511

No Experience Needed.

  • Recording experience is not necessary. However we’ll be posting some tips how to make the best of your time in front of the mic. Please make yourself familiar with the process. See the FAQ section.
  • Recording is invariably a multiple take process. That doesn’t mean you aren’t capable of doing a beautiful recitation the first time. This only means we will be doing whatever it takes to get all the bases covered in performance including any other technical reasons for a retake, such as the distant sound of a car horn honking or a jet plane flying overhead. So please make yourself comfortable with the idea of doing multiple takes.
  • Before we can schedule your audition you will need to sign a general release waiver allowing us to freely publish the recording we do together.

More Info.

  • On the website you can choose to be credited as the vocal talent by name or to remain anonymous.
  • We also need volunteers previous to auditions, during auditions, and on recording dates to to help with the production. If you wanted to learn about the production process, this is one way.