Announcement: A 24/7 Poetry Broadcast

2 minute read Published:

A friend I trust to speak his mind said “Maybe there’s good reason why there’s no radio station dedicated to poetry on air.”

I smiled and outlined my reasoning in support of the idea but if I may paraphrase something from Don Marquis: Publishing poetry is like dropping a feather into the Grand Canyon and waiting to hear it hit. As an annoying young man, I had once said this very thing to a friend who wrote poetry for much of his life. He whipped around from pouring himself a cup of coffee and said “A ship may be safe in the harbor, but that is not what ships are made for.”

So I’ve seen both sides now. I really don’t know clouds at all. But, I enjoy a challenge and I enjoy poetry. As a career audio technician I especially enjoy hearing a poetic recording done well. If it weren’t for the experience of recording the spoken word at the Center for Contemporary Arts in Santa Fe, back in 2003, I too might blanch at the idea–a full time poetry broadcast. However, I know first hand working with ordinary people (the non-professional voice talent we auditioned) there is something very fine in hearing to the unadorned and honest voice reading poetry.

The time is right. It’s something you have to feel for yourself.

With that said I am glad to announce recording gear has been ordered and next week the advertisement for open auditions goes out locally in San Antonio Texas.

I hope you will feel moved to join us in the work of getting this channel up and on the air.