What are you fundraising for?

The finishing of my book, Terrafoma, is directly tied to the support I can muster from the online community – to keep me up and moving, gathering stories, until I can land some3where and complete the project. “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a reasonable cash infusion.” This week I finished a novel length rough draft (fantasy genre) I feel good about. That would be a first. I just started a fundraiser .

What is Terrafoma?

I could almost have entitled this book “You Can’t Get There From Here” but that title was already taken and it was just slightly too jaded sounding so I cobbled a new word together for a better fit. The title, Terrafoma is formed from two other words: Terraforming, that is to make a livable place out of an inhospitable environment (think a domed city on mars). And then there is Foma, a term coined by K.