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Land of Manana

13 minute read Published:

In the Land of Manana tomorrow knows best and is never rushed. That is why it might take five, six days, or more, for tomorrow to ever show up. Even so, never on the Sabbath. There are those who take this inexact passage of time as a personal affront to their dignity. Directly they petition the locals that tomorrow always follow today, along with a few other nit-picks. Take a cook who knows how to make good with what she has – who measures out the constituent parts making up a meal with a pinch of this and a shake of that, and more, by the cupped palm of her hand – giving expression through taste and smell and adjustment, fitting love and nourishment.

Starting the Fundraiser

1 minute read Published:

Pictures to come. I’ve just started on a long bicycle journey while on this fundraiser. The goal is to raise a bit over $6000.00. Much thanks to you who have contributed. To those who’d like to pitch in any amount helps. I will be on the road for about as long as needed to raise enough to land somewhere and carry on the work. I am willing to put myself out there.